AngularJS Big Concepts

Let’s take a step back and define our goal clearly: how to develop most efficiently a core skillset in AngularJS.

To get to this point, we’ll focus on the big concepts that an AngularJS coder needs to understand, and subsequent posts will address these in detail.

1. Understand Angular’s approach to the Model-View-Controller (MVC) programming paradigm

2. Implement the basic nuts-and-bolts of Angular: views, models, scope, two-way databinding, and controllers. Our hands-on how-to guide.

3. Routing – how to use Angular’s page routing system to implement single-page-applications that are the new popular approach to modern Javascript/AJAX style development

4. Directives – how Angular allows us to create special active extensions to HTML

5. CSS integration and creating polished interfaces

Understanding these concepts will win you basic competency in Angular, and pave the way for intermediate and advanced work later.

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