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Hey folks – thrilled you could visit. My goal with this site is to provide comprehensive information on AngularJS. I found there is a need for more diverse introductory materials to this interesting, powerful MVC (model-view-controller) Javascript framework, and hope to make this site an interesting resource for this wishing to learn more. It’s meant to provide a more comprehensive — and dare we say, gentler — introduction than you’ll find on http://angularjs.org. Feel free to comment, contribute and communicate as this site grows.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to AngularJS Tutorial at www.angularjstutorial.com

  1. Frustrated Developer

    As a noob, these tutorials assume to much knowledge on the end user, which makes it very difficult to learn. If you really want to help us noobs, then real world examples would be helpful, because the most difficult part about understanding Angular is breaking the jQuery/ DOM manipulation mindset we have.

    For example currently I am struggling with trying to figure out how to display my custom alert box I built. I was able to create a custom directive and if I have a button with ng-click I can call a method on my controller to display it, but for the past 2 weeks I can’t figure out how to do the same from within code from another controller, there will never be a need for a user to click the button to display it, I did that for testing it while i built it. I need it to display when I have an error. To many tutorials on the subject say to use Angular UI Bootstraps alert directive, but at my company we use IE 8 so I can’t use the bootstrap. To many tutorials either show simple examples that don’t fill in the gaps or they show part of the solution and never show a complete solution, meaning I find examples on controllers but they never show 2 controllers and a service that allows me to share methods between them, or I find just an example of a service with no end solution.

    My point is that a lot of people that are trying to be helpful are actually contributing to the problem of no real good information. If the Angular community doesn’t come up with better tutorials all I can say is that Angular will lose its momentum, because a lot of people are starting to walk away from it in frustration.

  2. Jesse Gilbride

    I’m looking forward to augmenting my learning of angularjs with this site, but I’m noticing it’s a bit low on content. I hope you can post a couple times a month (or more?). Thanks!

  3. ครีมหน้าใส

    I was suggested this web site through my colleague. I am
    not sure whether this publish is written through him as nobody else realize such certain approximately my difficulty.

    What is the main way of angularjs to be communicating between different controllers? Like if I have one controller to which I have to get a variable and or object information to another, what are best ways? Not sure if this is by rootScope or how it is most efficient.

    You are wonderful! Thanks!


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